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                              College Introduction

                              College of Foreign Languages of USST features humanities and social sciences, and boasts an academic tradition of integrating arts, sciences and engineering studies. Mission and goal of the college are to summon teachers, students and alumni to fulfill individual pursuits and China dream as a whole, through cultivating globalized and innovative talents with excellent multilingual communication abilities and major-related core academic competencies, and conducting high-ranking social sciences studies involving linguistic and cultural areas at home and abroad, so that exchange of brilliant cultural elements between China and foreign countries, and harmonious development of society can be achieved.

                              Our college derives from Department of Foreign Languages for Science and Technology of Shanghai Institute of Mechanical Engineering. It began to enroll undergraduate students in majors of English for Science and Technology and German for Science and Technology in 1979, thus becoming one of the country’s earliest universities and colleges that establish majors of foreign languages for science and technology. From 1984 on, it started to admit postgraduate students in English for Specific Purposes (ESP). The college combines characteristics of foreign language subjects and an academic background of a university for science and technology, to embark on a path of distinctive development, and it is now pioneering all over the country in teaching and research of foreign languages for science and technology.

                              The college offers various General English and English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses for USST students, trains professional talents of foreign languages, conducts academic research in language-related areas, and holds the function of social services. Currently, there are four undergraduate majors: English (Translation for Science and Technology), English (Sino-US Joint Program), German, and Japanese. As for post-graduate education, the college offers a program for the First-Level Discipline of Foreign Languages and Literatures and a Master of Translation and Interpreting (MTI) program. At present, there are 1,435 students in the college, including 1,083 undergraduate students and 352 post- graduate students. Over 6,500 students have graduated from the college.

                              Now, there are five teaching departments, namely Teaching and Research Centre of Public English, Department of English (Translation for Science and Technology), Department of English (Sino-US Joint Program), Department of German, and Department of Japanese, three research institutes, namely Institute of Linguistics, Institute of Translation Studies, and Institute of Literary, Cultural, and Area Studies, and an MTI Education Centre. The College currently has 174 members of staff, including 158 full-time teaching faculty members, among whom 11 are professors, 42 are associate professors, 69 are with a PhD degree, and seven are studying for a PhD degree. Also, eight foreign teachers work jointly with the faculty to deliver courses to the students majoring in English, German, and Japanese, and each year, about 10 foreign teachers carry out short-term teaching projects in the college.

                              The college has established extensive cooperative relations with both domestic and foreign universities, research institutes, and publishing houses, and serves as the secretary- general of the Committee of Universities of Science and Technology (CUST) of China University Alliance for the Development of Foreign Language and Literature Discipline (CUAFLL).